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Artist Patricia Hobson

Artist Patricia HobsonPlease allow me to introduce myself. I am a self-taught artist and life long resident of the foothills of North Carolina. My artwork is very realistic. Some folks even say they feel like they could walk right into each scene. The paintings I have done span a wide veriety of subject matter, from still life to seascapes and are available as original paintings and limited edition prints. There is something for all your decorating needs.

Since childhood, I have enjoyed the many aspects of the gift of creativity that I was born with. Even at that age, I wanted to create my own visual world. My first noted honor came for a picture I did at the age of eleven. The scene depicted a mare and her foal in a stable. After winning honors here in NC and the USA, this piece was part of a European tour called "Young American Art" and now resides in the department of archives in Raleigh, NC.

In 1971, I married my high school sweetheart, Felix, and moved to the dairy farm where he grew up. I loved acrylic paints even then. But, my style and subject matter was completely abstract. Most of my paintings were done just using the primary colors the brighter the better. Yes, I was and will always be one of the original "Hippies." Felix and I just celebrated our 47th wedding annaversity on March 27, 2018.

As time would have it, in October, 1976 I gave birth to our first child, Natalie. Even with a new baby, I still found the time for my painting. At that time, I began to incorporate a bit of realism here and there. Then in April of 1978 came our first son, Nathan. Two babies began to put a strain on my ability to crank out the ole artwork. Finally, in August of 1979, our youngest son was born. We named him Julian. It was then, that I chose to put the brushes and paints in the closet to be able to for fill my motherly duties with the proper attention I felt necessary. Motherhood was and still is one of the best parts of my life.

As our children grew into their teens and no longer needed all of my attention, I pulled the old brushes, paints and canvas out of the closet and began to paint once more. By this time my interest changed to capturing the beautiful scenes of the world around me. Having our three children and living on the farm had given me a love of life and nature that I felt I needed to put on canvas. Everywhere I looked, from seeing a newborn calf in the barn to a historic village, I saw a potential painting. My desire to paint was even greater now than ever. Within a year of picking the brushes back up, I had a waiting list of people desiring one of my creations. As time moved on, I quickly realized I could not do enough original paintings to satisfy the need. I also realized that not everyone could afford an original painting and that I needed to seriously consider doing limited edition prints of my more popular pieces. In 1989, my first limited edition was released to the public. The subject of the painting was an old country store in a little historic village, called "Rockford," near my home. From that point I had prints and original paintings in most of the art galleries in the Piedmont area of NC.

Not only did the prints allow more people to acquire my work, they were an opportunity for me to broaden my base of popularity. In 1998, Felix and I purchased a motor home and went on the road. We set up and presented my work to folks from Florida to Canada and as far west as Texas. Now, I'm proud to say that my work is in many public and private collections in this country as well as many foreign countries. In that same year, I was presented with the North Carolina Governor's Award by the honorable James Hunt, governor of NC, for my contributions to charity and my help for the less fortunate in our state.

The children are grown now and have all moved to California. I'm still painting. Due to some unfortunate health problems, I am, for now unable to travel the country showing my work. In November of 2003, I fell down the stairs of our home fracturing my lower back. I continued to struggle on doing our scheduled shows on the road. Finally, after my Richmond, Virginia show in January 2005, I realized I was no longer physically able to travel and setup shows on the road. As a result, I realized we would have to park the motor home and hit the "Information Highway" to promote my artwork. I built a new updated website and made a push to show my artwork to more people via the internet.

Unfortunately, in January of 2009, I was stricken with a strep infection in my damaged back and blood stream. Suddenly, I was in excruciating pain and was unable to put foot to floor and walk at all. After almost one month in the hospital, I finally began to take a few steps at a time with a walker and was discharged from the hospital. The strep was still in my system. So, Felix had to administer IV antibiotics to me every day for three more weeks. During that time the infection was eradicated but my back continued to deteriorate to the point that the pain was once again too much for me to walk.

I was admitted to the hospital again to learn that the infection had totally eaten up two discs in my back and destroyed the vertebra between the two. After a serious surgery of reconstruction, I can stand and walk a few feet at a time. For the most part, I have to use a wheel chair to get around.

We know the road of life often has bumps and curves. It's the way we chose to navigate our road that reveals our true character. As for me, I'm not going to let my inability to walk keep me from using my God given talent of painting this beautiful world.

While I keep you informed about everything, I hope you will continue to tell your friends and family about me and my work and send them to my web site.
Thanks for Caring,
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