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" Painting the Art "
The birth of an original painting

These pictures are a chronological view of a painting I did as a commission piece for a client in Kernersville, North Carolina. At least 2 generations of the Manuel family have lived in this home depicted in the picture. The Current Manuel clan (seen in the last picture) chose to build a new home just behind this old house. As a result the house had to be demolished. They commissioned me to do this painting of the home place so their fond memories will not be forgotten.

The painting itself measures measures 14" X 31.5". Framed, the finished piece measures approximately 25" X 42.5". The Manuel's chose to hang this piece over the couch on the main wall of the living room in their new home.

A photo of the home featured in this painting.   The finished sketch of the home to be painted.                        
    The sketch has been transferred to canvas I have begun to paint the background.            
#1: The first thing I do in getting ready to paint a specific scene is to take pictures from several angles. Then pick the view that is most appealing. This is one of the pictures I took of the home.  

#2: While looking at the pictures I make a detailed sketch. When it is finished, I show it to the client to see if there are any changes they would like me to make. This is the time to make changes while it is still in a pencil sketch.

    #3: The painting begins by transferring the sketct to the canvas then to paint the background starting with the sky and working forward.        
More of the background has been painted.     Here I have begun to paint the house.       More detail has been added to the house.          
#4: At this point, I have continued on to paint the buildings behind the house.
#6: By now the house is begining to come right along. But still remains flat looking. No shadows have been added.
    #5: Here, I have finished the background and have begun to paint on the house.      
More details have been added to the house and grounds.     The landscape has begun to flurish.     More details have been added to the landscape.    
    #7: More detail has been added to the house.         #8: The beautiful spring flowers have now began to come alive green and bright red.           #9: More detail has been added to the landscape.              
Some shadowd added to the house gives the building new depth. An Oak tree has been added just behind the house. Another Oak tree has come to life to the far right of the scene.    
#10: The shadows created by the sun shine are painted in giving the house depth and taking away the flat look. At this point I have simply blocked in the approprate colors for the drive way and foreground.
#11: Look close there's now a tall oak tree sitting between the house and barn.
#12: After a few days of painting there's now a fine looking big Oak tree to the right of the house casting dark shadows across the flower beds an onto the house in the bright spring sun.
The willow trees have now come to life. The grass is begining to grow now. The grass is all grown.  It wont be long till mowing time.
#13: The tracks in the driveway indicate company may have come and gone. The willows in the foreground have pirked up and come to life. Now there is more color coming into the grass in the foreground.

#15: Ah, look the willows have all their details and are casting their dark shadows on across the scene.

#14: Now comes the fun pat. My Signature in the lower right area of the piece.

#14: More details have been added here and there and the grass is finally beginning to grow. It will be time to start mowing soon, I'm sure.    
The finished painting has been framed and lit by a nice slim line picture. light.                        
  The finished painting hanging on the customers wall to be enjoyed every day.


These's nothing more satisfying than photographing the finished painting hanging on the wall with it's proud family.

I would like to extend many thanks to the Manuel family for giving me the honor of capturing the memories of their old home place.


#15: Voila! The painting is finished, framed and lit with a nice slim line picture light. Every painting should always be lit to bring out the life and detail of the work.      
      Please fell free to contact me anytime about capturing your memories or favorite scene.        

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